Scaife Timber is a company Grant Scaife set up to specialise in the salvaging of building materials, primarily timber, from demolition sites for storage and reuse.

At my storage site which is an ex-WW2 Army Stores shed at Mangaroa, I now have an impressive stockpile of salvaged materials available.


The timbers include structural elements- posts and beams, floor joists, rafters, flooring etc. also many one-off treasures e.g. weathered Totara barn doors, elements of old bridge and wharf structures and cast-iron columns.


The timber is almost exclusively of native species, both indigenous and exotic, mainly hardwoods, many of which are impossible to source in any other way.


These timbers not only have naturally beautiful aesthetic qualities both in their weathered and dressed states, they are also dimensionally stable due to their age and possess excellent natural durability.


With our experience and expertise we are able to offer full service from start to finish.This includes extraction, design, and construction if required.


Over the years I have developed a passion for the salvage and reuse of native and exotic timbers.

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